7 Unique Ways to Make Money Online

While there are literally hundreds of ways to make money online, many of them are the same boring techniques rehashed over and over again. As these old strategies become worn out, they also become unprofitable. If you’re looking for some fresh ways to generate passive income and make money online, here are 7 new techniques that you may not have considered before:

1. Write Articles for Squidoo (with Affiliate Links)

There are lots of ways to make money online with your own website, but this is one of the easiest and most creative ways to do it without a website. The website Squidoo.com allows you to create “lenses” (which are basically just webpages) on any topic of your choice. If your lens is truly helpful and provides unique content, it’ll get major visibility across Squidoo. Use this to promote an affiliate product. Find a creative way to write a helpful lens that mentions a product or two.

You can earn passive income for years with no website and no ongoing work. Plus, it’s the easiest process in the world to rinse and repeat over and over again. The key here, though, is creating quality lenses. No one will read your content if it serves no useful purpose. Find a way to truly wow readers and it’ll pay off.

2. Create Content for How-To Sites

Did you know that many sites, like eHow, will pay you residual income for your content? Unlike Squidoo, you’re not allowed to post affiliate links, but they share the ad revenue with the content creators. This means that if your “how to” guide gets viewed on a large scale, you could receive hundreds of dollars per month on total autopilot.

Again, it’s all about finding unique how-to’s that have never been published before. Take the time to give people an insanely useful piece of information and it’ll be worth the extra effort. Read more about how to write for eHow »

3. Provide Design Services (Even if You’re Not a Designer)

You might be surprised to find how easy it is to outsource graphical work to great designers from around the world. On forums, Elance, ODesk and others, there are thousands of designers looking for work. Why not be the middle man? Take orders from clients who need graphics, send it off to your designers, and deliver the final product to your customers.

Lately I’ve found the following items to be in high demand: Twitter backgrounds, Facebook backgrounds, logos, eBook covers, and business cards. But you could also provide even more in-depth services like web design and more.

4. Start and Grow a Business on Fiverr

Sure, you cannot make a living selling your work for $5, but you can meet lots of new clients this way. Whatever skill you have, or whatever product/service you’re looking to sell, offer it on Fiverr on a limited basis and do a GREAT job. But don’t leave it there. Follow up with your customers and offer higher-priced packages on a long-term basis. One $5 gig can turn into hundreds per month.

This works particularly well with #3 mentioned above. Offer $5 design services but be clear to let your customers know that this is a limited-time promotion, and your full design services are more expensive.

5. Make Money with YouTube

This is an area I would personally love to explore more in the future. There is a lot of exciting opportunities with YouTube. It works like this… You create videos on topics that are in high demand, and link to an affiliate product in your video description.

Considering that YouTube has SO MUCH traffic, if your videos are top-notch, they will get viewed thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of times. But like everything else, there aren’t any shortcuts here. Cheap videos will get plenty of thumbs down ratings that will discourage people from viewing and/or clicking your links.

6. Become an Expert _____

There are just too many generalized service providers who can offer decent work at extremely low prices. The way to combat this? By becoming an expert. The clients who want quality work will pay extra for an expert who can perform “great” work. A few ideas that come to mind are:

  • A WordPress ‘ninja’ who installs WordPress, plugins, and themes for customers. Not a major web developer, but an expert who knows WordPress like the back of their hand. This would also work well with other popular software such as Drupal or Vbulletin.
  • YouTube commercial expert. Lots of companies want quick 30-60 second spots for their business to be published on Youtube. Generally these videos are nothing more than stock music and a quick slideshow. Create a standard format that can be copied quickly and offer these to businesses.
  • A specialized writer. Specialization is where the big money comes in for writers. Jack of all trade writers can earn $7-10/hour, but technology press release writers can earn more like $50+ per hour. Find your niche and dominate it.

7. Create and Sell Stock Photos

Creating high-quality photos is much easier than many people think, especially with the advent of high-quality camera phones and easy editing software. It’s so easy to setup a simple white background and take 50+ pictures of generic items that people want to purchase for their websites and marketing material.

Once you have a collection of pictures, you can either sell them to larger sites (like iStockPhoto), or if you have a large database of photos you can even setup your own stock photo website.


See how easy it can be to make money online with a little creativity? These are 7 dead-simple ideas that you could start doing today. The best time to get started on these techniques is last year. If you had, you’d likely be earning income from them right now. So get started TODAY and setup quality, long-term passive income streams.

Image Credit: Don Hankins

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  1. kyriousrobert



    there are indeed a hundred of ways to make money online it all goes go down yo how dedicated you are into a particular program ..

  2. Todd Stolulonis



    Sometimes it is overwhelming with so much information on making money online. I agree with kyrious.. that dedication is the key to success

  3. Tilen Hrovatic



    Really great and informative list! I use and recommend all the mentioned ways to make money online and it’s working really fine for me. I definitely recommend Squidoo and for those who are in photography I really advise you to check out stock photography. Great passive income with lots of fun along the way. Yes, you must be really patient in the world of stock photography but the rewards in some time are just great! Be sure to try it!

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