The Internet Marketers Mindset

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, and I am an Internet Marketer.

“Hi Ryan”

I have been involved in Internet Marketing for almost a year now. I was drawn to the world of Internet Marketing as I was looking for a way to assist a family member generate more leads online for their offline business.

As I started to read about SEO, e-commerce businesses, and affiliate marketing, I was drawn in. All these great success stories about overnight millionaires and genius start-up companies making money online had me hooked.  I told myself (and still do) “I need to be one of those guys”.

As with most Internet Marketers, I am obsessed with entrepreneurship. I am also gifted with a creative mind. My downfall… I have the attention span of a goldfish. This left me wandering in my early days of IM from one ebook to another, one system to the next and so on. I am sure that 90% of you reading this post have been challenged by this at one time or another in your career.

Internet Marketers Anonymous

Up until recently, my mindset was that I should belong to an “Internet Marketers Anonymous” group. How do you explain to your friends and family that you “make money online”? The instant reaction is that you are into some sort of scam, or that you will be scammed. People who don’t understand the internet still view it as something from parallel universe. Everyone should stay away from it, let alone input their personal information or credit card into it!

As I said, that was up until recently. I have finally found something that has worked for me.

  • It doesn’t involve hoards of traffic
  • It has nothing to do with keywords
  • It has nothing to do with conversions
  • It costs me nothing.

So then… what is it?


Yes, the way you think has a clear outcome on your success as an Internet Marketer.

So what does this all mean to an Internet Marketer or anyone who wants to make money online? The way you think allows you to create a plan and focus on it. By setting a goal with a positive action plan geared towards making an online business that generates a passive income is how an Internet Marketer will succeed. Positive thinking allows you get around the tough problems that most people normally give up on because they are too hard.

Here are a few examples of some “tough problems” or “negative mindsets”:

  • That market is too saturated!
  • There is too much competition!
  • I will never rank for those keywords!
  • This is far too much work!

These statements, which I am sure every reader has said at least once, ensure that we will never be successful as Internet Marketers.

Here is a common process someone with the wrong mindset goes through:

  • They buy an ebook with the intention of trying it out and if they don’t like it they know they can ask for a refund.
  • Once they encounter a problem they say… “wow this is too hard, I don’t have the skill for this”.
  • Next stop… forums. Instead of seeking the solution on the forum, they go and complain about the problem.
  • Once all else fails, they justify the failure.

Now On to the Positive Make Money Online Mindset…

This is how the mindset of a successful Internet Marketer works:

  • They say to themselves “I will succeed online no matter what. I will work on this until the day I die!”
  • When encountered with a problem the approach the forums and ask seek a solution. Alternate ways are to “google” the answer or look for a Youtube tutorial.
  • They are persistent until the problem is solved and continue on with their goal.

So How Does One Change Their Mindset?

Step One: Be Self Aware:

Hopefully by this point in the post you have been able to identify your own mindset. If not, I recommend you start by Googling “Mindfulness”, learn a little bit about this topic, then re-read this post.

Step Two: Set Goals:

Do you want to make money online? Do you want a passive income so you can travel the world? To what lengths will you achieve these goals? You must remind yourself everyday of your goal. You can create a “vision board” or send an automated email reminder every day to yourself.

Step Three: Set a Gameplan:

I am sorry, but you won’t find this in a “step by step” guide. As much as I do enjoy reading them, I look at them as case studies of how other people succeed. It’s time to write your “step-by-step” guide and action it. It could be something as simple as:

“Every day I will get up and make one blog post focusing on a long tail keyword. I will then tweet it and post it on my Facebook account. After that I will make 5 comments with a manual backlink on blogs of interest”.

Step Four: Stay Focused:

The fourth and final step to achieving a positive mindset is to stay focused and push forward. You have your goals and your strategy.

Now stick with it!

What are your tips and strategies to keep your mindset positive? The above are strictly my opinions and advice, so I would love to hear others!

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