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The comment backlink Method That Works

How to Comment Backlink

As a further experiment I have decided to focus on blog commenting for the next 60 days as my main method of acquiring new back-links to ZZZProfits. One of my favorite methods of creating back-links is commenting on other blogs and websites that allow posting a url that links through your user name.

live comment backlink example

I love blog commenting for a few reasons.

  1.  The first reason is simply a blog comment backlink is the easiest and quickest method to create a quality back-link. There are always new blog posts being created, so the opportunity to comment is endless
  2. The second reason is that it is easy to find relevant & related blogs. Anyone familiar with SEO knows that relevant back-links are important part of SEO in the eyes of Google. With the current blog revolution you can find hundreds even thousands of related blogs on just about any subject.
  3. The third reason is you can engage the blog owner as well as their readers simultaneously. This is a great way to gain click-throughs as well as build online relationships.

The reason why I want to do this experiment is to see how much I can increase my daily organic traffic by focusing on only one type of off-page SEO, that being commenting. I followed a similar method for about 10 days, and after that time frame I noticed a mark-able increase in organic and referral traffic.

I believe that if done properly blog commenting can be a primary method of creating back-links.

So, what I have done is devised a simple comment backlink regimen that I will follow during the next two months. I have kept it simple and adjustable so anyone who wants, could create a similar plan.

But before I go over the blog-commenting-project-plan, I want to get one thing out of the way. I will not be using any software to spam or spin comments. Every comment backlink I make is unique to each post. All the best blogs manually moderate their comments, so using commenting software designed to spam blogs is pretty much useless in my mind.

The comment backlink plan that works

Here is the plan in a nutshell.

The first thing I do is find 25-30 authority blogs that are closely related to my niche or subject. What I mean by authority is that they are either ranked very high for some of my target key-words or they are highly trafficked with a healthy active community.

For example: one of my primary key-words is “passive-income” If you type into google “passive income”, you will see that one of the first page results is for a website called The smart passive income blog(an amazing blog by the way). This will be one of the sites on my top 25-30 list. These types of blogs usually receive a large amount of comments(this blog usually receives over 100 comments for every post) from people with similar or related websites, which is crucial as part of my plan.

These 25-30 blogs are what I call my first level comment backlink. With these blogs, I will comment on any new posts they create. Soon as one of these first level blogs publishes a post, I comment as soon as I am notified of new comments through my rss feed. I make sure to read their posts and create a relevant unique comment. I try to write in a way to get the attention of the blog owner as well as the readers.

unique comment backlink example

Then what I do is bookmark the post. After about 3-4 days I return to the blog post that I commented on, then go down the list of comments, and one at a time I click-through to each users website. I then leave a comment on their most recent post. This is what I call my second level comment backlink.

As I manually comment backlink on these second-level websites, I create a separate URL list and make a short note about each website. I write down if I liked the website, what the website topic was, and if it seemed active or not. This way I can create an ongoing list of good related blogs that I will comment on in the future. The other fun part of this is you actually discover some really cool blogs during the process.

If it is the first time I am visiting the blog I will leave a comment like this:;

“Hey! I like your website. I followed you from “The-Smart-Passive-income-blog”. This is a subject I am very interested in so I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I bookmarked your site so you can expect to see me around. Cheers!”

 With a comment backlink like that, I have achieved 3 things

  1. It almost always gets the attention of the blog owner, and I usually receive a reply at least %50 of the time.
  2. Since I am announcing that I followed them from a blog that we both obviously read, their curiosity makes them click-through and check out my website.
  3. Since the blog owner acknowledged me with a reply combined with the fact that I mentioned I found them somewhere else, a decent percentage of their readers will also click-through to my website out of curiosity.

I have a theory. I believe that if you create a comment backlink that gets a good percentage click-through, Google will give it a higher rating as a back-link which will better improve your SEO. So creating engaging comments should be the goal.

Here are some guidelines I like to follow when starting a comment backlink campaign

  • If its is a brand new website, then I keep my daily average comment back-links to around 15-25.
  • If it is a an older established blog of a year or more then I may bump the daily average up to 30-40 back-link comments.
  • I always read or at least skim the post so I can leave a quality relevant comment.
  • I never leave a generic comment like “Great site! You really hit the nail on the head with this post” That says spam all over it. If I receive a comment like that on my website it goes straight to the trash box.
  • I usually check the notify me of follow ups box. This way I can comment back if I receive a reply.
  • I always try and use an Avatar or Gravatar with my comments. There is a much higher click-through rate when people can attach a face to a comment.
  • I experiment with the type of comments I leave. In other words I don’t always agree with the post; sometimes I try and stir or rile up the blog owner and readers. Everyone is always praising and agreeing, so going against the grain can make you stand out. Just be-careful not to piss off the blog owner too much or you could get banned, heheh.
  • I randomize. Although I created a guideline, I will change up my routine, quantity, time of day, and order I comment constantly so Google will not see a set pattern.
  • I don’t fret or spend to much time thinking about what I should say. I just get in, comment, and get out.

I would love to hear of any other comment backlink techniques that get results, If you know of any other tips let me know in a comment below.

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  1. ND



    Are you missing the fact that search engines are told to ignore the links in comments with the ‘no-follow’ tag?

    • Moe



      Thank you for pointing that out. Yes i am away of the no-follow attribute, however blog commenting is still a valid and valuable method of driving traffic to a website. Not all blog comments are no-follow. I also believe regardless of follow or no-follow it can affect your over all SEO. Google doesnt tell us everything.

      • Mauro D'Andrea



        Hi ND, I agree with Moe: nofollow comments still affect SEO.
        Of course a dofollow link is more powerful, but also nofollow links have a SEO power (even if they don’t transfer page rank).
        I don’t remember where I read this, but I remember that Google itself made this statement.

        • Moe



          Thanks Mauro! that is exactly what i was trying to say, but you said much better.

        • yup the best deal for google algorithm right now is to mix dofollow and nofollow backlink .. . it is more natural!

    • carolm



      Hi ND, I have to agree with Moe on the dofollow and nofollow thing – yes, dofollows from high ranking websites are the best, but are also the hardest ones to get.

      Google only says that nofollow links are not included in their Page Ranking algorithm, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t ‘count’ in Google’s overall opinion of you.

      And you need a mix of dofollow and nofollow links anyway, if you don’t want to be penalized by Google.

      And of course they can bring traffic, and build relationships, as Moe explains in this article.

  2. Victor



    Ive Been trying This Method for a few weeks Now And It seems To Be working I Havent Tried The One That You Click thru Comments And Leave Comments On theirs Im Going o Try That As well Thanx For The Info!

  3. Mauro D'Andrea



    Hi Moe and thank you for sharing this strategy.

    Since I started my blog, I have noticed that comments have driven very little traffic to my site.
    Also, often the bounce rates has been higher than other sources.
    For this reason I stopped to use comments as a way to drive traffic.

    Anyway, I think that comments are a great way to build relationships with other people.
    This is the only reason because I use comments, now.

    But I have to say that your idea of second level comments is very fascinating and I think I’ll try it in these days.

    (Another thing to consider is that, probably, in blogs with few comments, your comment get clicked a lot more)

    • Moe



      That is a great point about the second level blogs have few comments so they almost always click through. I never really thought of it that way. Thanks for the insight.

  4. Anup Kayastha



    Hey Moe,

    I see you only use your first name while commenting. Doesn’t it make a good view on the other readers if you leave a comment with the full name or its just your style to keep it short? :)

    I feel good to see your site is ranking in the first page #1 in my country for certain keywords. Would you share some of your secrect or trick to get some good ranking in Google?

    At last, I just started blog comment campaing and hopefully I can go with you. What I want to suggest is, commenting on ‘CommentLuv’ enabled blog would help to get an extra exposure to our site :)

    BTW, this is the first time I visited your blog. But now I’ll be in tough with you.

    Thanks for the insightful post.

    • Moe



      That’s a good point Anup, perhaps i should use my full name. My theory was that if i used a my simple unique name “Moe” it would be easier for people to remember me by. Moe is my last name and that is what most of my friends call me. My first name is Chris which i is so common that people forget it easily. Thanks for the tip on comment luv. should be easy to include that in a footprint and scrape a list.

  5. Belinda



    I love this idea! I will be incorporating it into my new WordPress website that I am currently developing and hope to have online within the next couple of months that will incorporate my blog on the site rather than on Blogger which is the way that I currently have it!

    I will be referring back to your site frequently for further hints and tips!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!


  6. logs



    Thanks for highlighting a simple way to start attracting visitors to a site Moe. Your post has come at an opportune time, as I have just launched my blog site. I shall do as you suggest and will let you know how it goes.Do you have any guidelines for finding and choosing the top blogs in our niche? Google keywords tool for example? If so,what sort of monthly levels should be acceptable? Thanks a lot. logs

  7. Distinctly SEO



    essentially Google implemented “no-follow” attribute to devalue forum posts in the website assessment. Comment links are not as strong anymore as they used to be, but they can still have a minor affect on SEO, for instance it count into the “natural growth of links” measure.

    Overall, I think commenting can be part of the SEO process but everyone should be careful about it.


  8. lisa



    Keep the Moe! It’s friendly and casual and makes you seem all the more approachable, and it suits you :) I think we share a few of the same blogs for commenting, your name and avatar are instantly recognisable but I hadn’t thought of clicking through the comments -there goes another hour of my day LOL.
    Look out for blogs using comment luv – the links will be do-follow:)

  9. Elian



    Thanks for the tips. I think visiting the secondary sites is a great way to build the know, like & trust factor. You could take it a step further and follow on their social media sites as well (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    Also, keep the Moe… it’s a branding thing for you.

    Your new follower!

    • Moe



      Thats a great idea Elian. I definitely think that would make a good next step in the progression

  10. Yassin Hives



    This is my first time i comment on your Blog ( got your attention !), i was reading word after word smiling till i laughed because that’s exactly what i also do, in fact i am doing my casual blogging tour. i didn’t skim your post because it related to me

  11. Jessie D.



    Hi Moe,

    This article was very good for me to read. I bookmarked it and will definitely utilize it in the near future.

    The part that jumped out to me, even though it obviously wasn’t a main point of your article, was using your real picture as your avatar- for some reason I have yet to do this, maybe because I am paranoid about people on the internet, and if they have a picture of my face to match that something bad might happen like my identity get stolen or something like that, lol! Is there any real confirmed drawbacks to using one’s same photo on all sites, social and non? Or am I just being paranoid???

    I am actually going to go investigate this after submitting this comment, although I fear I will find confirmation of my fears, because you can confirm almost anything you believe if you are looking for it on the internet :/ Doh!

  12. Scott Lindsay



    Wow Moe, very interesting article. I had really stopped doing blog commenting over the last year or so but after reading this, it just makes sense to continuing doing this. After reading, I began to create my 25 to 30 list of authority blogs in my niche, and will begin to implement your plan. Thanks for the information.

  13. Jessie D.



    Just re-reading this post again. Since my last reply, I have indeed changed my avatars to my real face :) Thanks for guiding me to do that, because I wouldn’t have thought of it until reading your suggestion. Also, have begun to comment on other sites, Facebook or otherwise, and it really works I think! Haven’t done too much of the 2nd level comment backlink, but I believe the few times I have that that has worked also. Thanks so much for this post, again :)

  14. carolm



    Hi there, Moe – this article is like gold for me – a plan! I do love a plan! And preferably, not a Plan B.

    Can you answer a Commenting problem I have? I get most of my backlinks from Commenting on niche-related blogs etc.

    My problem is that I always use my name – usually carolm -because that is the ‘right thing to do’ when Commenting.

    This means that carolm is my most frequent anchor text. This does me no good at all in terms of seo branding for my blog: My Second Million. It’s also not a good idea if you want to show Google that you have a mix of different anchor texts.

    Should I just be brazen and use my blog’s Name when I comment? I’d really appreciate some helpful advice here. Thanks.

  15. carolm



    Oops, I fell at the first hurdle: I followed you here from a link on Blog Munchies. :)

  16. thom adams



    Hi, I’ve been a newbie blogger for about one year, not having attempted to monetize it in anyway. The blog is relatively personal but covers a multitude of life events and anecdotes (I wrote it after fathering my first child at 50, hoping to leave him something about me for posterity, etc. (I am permanently and totally disabled as well after a VERY exciting life).

    Recently I left a comment with a URL copy of a blog post I wrote in the comments section of a news article, blog, or some other website. Though I felt it was prescient, I was astounded to receive over 1800 views the next day (where I normally get 6-10 views on limited readership). That lasted for several days before receding now back to normal levels.

    I thought….WOW! That’s one reason I’m here on your site.


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