[Arvin] Niche Site Duel Update #2: Niche Site Content Strategy – Quality and Quantity

writing quality contentWhy You Need to Plan Your Content

Google hates Made for Adsense (MFA) sites, cookie cutter sites or those sites with crappy content which provides no value to the reader at all. These sites have very little content in it, and most of the time, it doesn’t make sense to read. What I want to build is a website that has good amount of content in terms of quality and quantity.

Content is king is an overused statement and I bet many will disagree. Yes, Google’s algorithm is still flawed when it comes to filtering quality content but the point is, sticking with quality content will make our strategy future proof from any algorithm updates, at least that’s the idea.

How Much Content Do We Need to Add?

Looking back to my Niche Site Duel Update Part 1 on finding a good niche, where I discussed about gauging your competition, the least number of indexed content from the top ten search result is between 13 and 25.

Based on this data for the first month my goal is to add 15 to 25 articles or 20 in average, which should be enough to get to the top ten results at least based on this data.

Outsourcing Your Content

Since this topic is new to me, I’m going to outsource my content from oDesk. I don’t want to write it myself since I’m not a good writer and it will take me 4 hours to finish one, and I don’t really like writing; it takes a lot of time and research.

I’ve been working as a freelancer in this marketplace; I assure you it’s pretty saturated with highly skilled talents. But for now let’s concentrate on finding a good writer who can provide us “quality content”. My budget for each article is $5 for 500-word-article, preferably native English writers.

Here’s the content of my job posting:

We are looking for writers (3-4 writers) who can write about dog training around 500 words each. If you think you can do this job, and you are passionate about dogs, then this job is for you.


  • Articles should be 100% original and should pass copyscape
  • Paragraphs should be in a positive conversational tone. They should not look like something you would find in a textbook.
  • You should deliver one article per day, or if you can do it faster, the better as long as the quality is not compromised
  • Excellent writing skills and should be familiar with the topic

Along with your cover letter, please submit writing samples or link to articles which you’ve previously written that highlight your writing style. Please also rate your experience with dogs and your availability over the next 24 hours.
And last but not the least please mention the word “I love dogs!” in your cover letter.

If you pass this test, I’ll give you another 4-5 articles to write ;-)

Tips for outsourcing your content

  • Pay close attention to quality content (that should be good for readers and search engines), so it’s advisable to hire native English writers. I don’t want to be biased but based on my experience nothing beats native English writers when it comes to quality. I want to stress on this because Google loves quality content.
  • Make sure that your job description is clear enough for anyone to understand
  • Initially, post a job for a test project to assess the skill of the writer
  • Use filter keywords like “I love dogs!” or anything you want to filter out those who are just submitting recycled cover letters without reading the whole instruction
  • Last but not the least, someone told me that when hiring a writer, those who have a passion for the subject (in this case dogs) will always write better articles. This is the part where I’m going to consider non-native English writers; let’s see if they will do well.

To wrap it up, I need 15-20 articles for the first month, and I just did a job posting for it at oDesk. Let’s see how it will work out. After I’m done with the initial articles I will be adding at least two articles per week.

Other than that I’m also planning to put a directory by using a WordPress plugin. Most of the keywords have local intent so I think it would be beneficial to list dog training schools, dog training programs, dog trainers etc. in an organized directory. I’ll also be adding review of k9 dog training equipment (since there’s a lot of product to promote).

I think that’s my whole content strategy, see you on my monetization update…
You can check the whole Niche Site Duel Challenge  or check my previous update below.

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  1. Marc



    Great stuff you’re posting. My concern is the exact match traffic ? How many exact match searches?

    • Arvin



      Hi Marc, for me the minimum monthly local exact match should be 1000 but it really depends on your target ROI. Others would recommend 3000 (Smart Passive Income), and some would say 5000 (Niche Pursuits), it really depends on what your goal is. If you want bigger ROI go for a higher search volume.

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