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Make Money Outsourcing – Online Starter Guide

Are you ready to make some real money online?
If you’re like I was when I started out, you are probably overwhelmed by all the opportunities & methods that you come across online.  If you’re looking for a simple plan that works, Read on.

It seems like everyone these days wants to quit their job, find financial freedom online, and then travel the world in perpetual adventure only stopping periodically at internet cafes to check their autopilot bank account. Living the dream.

Hold on, and backup! The truth is living out your fantasies while your passive income streams make you rich, is the exception not the norm. But what can be done fairly easy, is to start your own online business that requires little to no start-up cost, yet has the potential to grow and scale depending how much work you put into it.

So what is it? The answer is, providing a service that you can outsource. That’s it. With today’s online resources, online based outsourcing is easy for anyone.

Outsourcing for profits

Here is the secret:
most people can’t be bothered to outsource and would rather pay someone like you, double, triple or more to do it for them. You can easily provide premium services for clients that are much cheaper than what they would pay locally by utilizing freelance outsourcing.

Here is a quick guide on how you can start a simple outsourcing business that will make you some nice extra side money that can even turn into a fulltime business:

Step 1– Find services that you want to provide that you can outsource. For the sake of making money online you will need to pick services that can be performed virtually or delivered digitally through the internet. It also helps if you have some familiarity with the services you will offer. Start out with small easy to complete tasks. The object is to start small and build slowly as you gain experience

Here are some ideas:

  • Article writing
  • internet research
  • logo creation
  • social media accounts setup
  • back-linking packages
  • WordPress Blog setup

You can easily get dozens of more ideas by browsing an outsourcing freelance resource like Odesk. Just browse and see what types of job bids people are requesting.

Step 2– Finding your virtual assistants. This will take a little work and will be an ongoing thing. You can use a contact manager for this, but I like to just use an excel sheet for easy look-up. What I do is browse freelancing resources such as Odesk, Elance and fiver for Contractors that can do the work or service that I wish to offer.  I will request samples or their past work and prices for everything that I want to offer.

I then create an ongoing excel list of Freelancers and their fees. The key here is to start with a few services that you feel comfortable with. One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is they try to offer too many services/products.

Step 3– Create a presence. Next you will need some form of online presence that potential prospects can view.  You can setup a simple WordPress blog with 4 pages such as Home, services, about, and contact. You can outsource this for practice. I have found contractors on Odesk willing to setup new WordPress sites with a custom look for as little as $50 providing I already had my own Hosting account.

The other option is to create a nicely designed Facebook fan-page. I have seen some people completely run their small outsourcing business solely through Facebook and other Social media.

Step 4– Get some business. The most successful way to get clients for your new outsourcing business is through relationships. Let all your friends and families know that you are working with virtual assistants to help small businesses develop and improve their online presence at very affordable prices.

Create some business cards and carry them with you everywhere. Everywhere you go show interest in other peoples businesses and online projects. At the beginning you may want to keep your prices a little lower to help drum up business and get some jobs under your belt.

My rule of thumb is I have to at least double my money. So for example if I have a contractor that will setup custom WordPress blogs for $50 I will want to charge at least $100, but more likely $150-$250.

Step 5– Utilize simple systems to keep track. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible. There are some amazing free online tools that will cover everything you need.  Here are some free tools I personally use to help run my outsourcing business.

  1. Dropbox. Drop box is my favorite method of passing digital files back and forth to clients. For each new client I create a folder and share that folder with them. In each of the clients Dropbox folders I keep an excel sheet log and sub folders for each task that I provide them.
  2. Google-docs. If I have an ongoing project, I just use Google docs to communicate specifications. It works great because you can give access to your Virtual assistant/s as well as your clients and it updates in real-time.
  3. Filezilla. A free ftp client in case I need to work with a client’s host.
  4. Skype. I keep all my communications and contacts in a Skype account. This way I can always access
  5. Lastpass. I keep most of my passwords and client access passwords stored in this free passcode management software. This makes life much easier.

With these tools I can access everything from any computer anywhere as long as I have internet access.

This is a simple yet effective way to begin making money online. If you would like to learn more or ask questions about this or other methods of creating online income, join us at the ZZZProfits premiere Make Money Online Forum





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