How to Grow Your Website with Twitter

Over the last few years, I have watched Twitter grow higher and higher on my list of traffic sources. It has been consistently driving high-quality traffic to my websites and it clearly deserves marketing attention from your website or internet business. Below are 5 strategies you can use to boost your presence on Twitter.

Become Hyperactive

There isn’t one silver bullet to Twitter success, but becoming a Twitter addict is pretty close. I have found that the users who tweet over 20x per day are far more successful. They have more followers, better engagement, and higher traffic back to their site.

How do you become “hyperactive?” You tweet all day long: say interesting things, reply to other people’s posts, follow new users daily, and reach out to people. Treat Twitter like a big party: you walk up to a group of people, join the conversation, and add your two cents when appropriate. If you want Twitter to work for you, dive in headfirst and become hyperactive.   

Be Relevant

Be careful with the above advice. Yes, interact with people, but make sure you’re interacting with the right people to begin with. If you reach out to totally random users who have no interest in your topic, your results will suffer.

Here’s my favorite strategy to make sure you’re interacting with the right users:

Find a user in your niche and follow all the people they’re following. If you’re an internet marketer, you might check out @JohnChow’s followers and add all of them. This way, you know almost all the followers are going to be relevant.

Stay Away from Spam & Scams

You know those Fiverr gigs that offer to build 2,500 followers in one day for $5? Stay away from them. Same goes for the websites that have similar deals.

Refer to the above tip: your goal is to be relevant, you want real people following you and interacting with you. Using a bunch of fake accounts to boost your numbers is a waste of money, and may even hurt your image in the long-term.

The same goes for spammy techniques. Don’t auto-DM users with your offers or become overly self-promotional. Spend your time creating real value and real relationships. That way, when you do post a link to your website or article, it will have so much more success.

Use the Tools & Resources

Tools make Twitter the incredibly unique and special resource that it is. While Twitter.com has gained a lot of functionality, there are many additional tools and resources that can skyrocket your Twitter success:

Triberr – Triberr is a clever tool where users get together in “tribes” and tweet each other’s blog posts. Whenever you publish something new, everyone in your tribe will see it and have the option to share it with their followers. Likewise, it gives you plenty of great content to share with your followers.

Buffer – This web app helps you determine which times of the day will have the best response for your Tweets. You simply add your Tweets into Buffer instead of your regular timeline, and it will space them out appropriately throughout the day.

Twellow – Another great directory to find relevant Twitterers in your niche. You can find users by location, industry, and more. Also, be sure to add yourself to the directory so that others can find you.

The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer – The very best book I’ve read on how to use Twitter effectively. I learned more from this one, short read than all the others combined. If you’re serious about Twitter, I would highly recommend picking up this guide.

Learn From the Pros

Using Twitter effectively isn’t really a science. It’s more of an art form. It takes time to get comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is by following all the major players in your niche. Just by reading their tweets every day, you’ll learn more than you ever could by studying.

To find these users, go to WeFollow.com and browse for your keyword. You’ll get hundreds of major Tweeters that talk about your topic. Follow them and learn to pick up certain aspects of their style.

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