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Thread: Clickbank Banner Rotators

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    Clickbank Banner Rotators

    I am trying to set up some affiliate links on my webiste for the first time. I created an account with Clickbank and was wanting some banner ads for my site. However, Clickbank apparently does not offer banner ads. So, I did a search and found some websites that have Clickbank Banner Ad rotators. Would this be a good thing to put on my website or are these things bogus?
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    Re: Clickbank Banner Rotators

    I'm not sure about the banner rotators, never seen those. Yet, I know many of the merchants at clickbank DO have their own banners, you just have to visit their affiliate site and check it out. For example, click through to the offer page, look for an "affiliates" or "partners" link and they often give you banners where you just plug in your own affiliate ID and it's good to go!
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    Re: Clickbank Banner Rotators

    What I do when trying to sell clickbank products is make my own banners. I am pretty good with photoshop, so I make them pretty appealing; and I get a pretty good click-through rate with them.

    If you know some coding you can find scripts for banner rotators to put into the code of your website. There's a lot of handy banner rotation scripts here -

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