Blogs & Niche websites – 2012 and beyond

Niche websites when combined with advertising are the purest form of online passive income. 5-6 years ago niche & micro niche websites were the hot thing. Niche websites are still one of the most popular methods of creating passive income utilizing advertising such as adsense. Today however in 2012 the game has changed drastically, and the competition is fierce

What I want to do in this post is talk about what has changed the game, as well as look at the future of blog & niche site creation


Word-Press is probably the single biggest impacting factor in the explosion of niche site & blog creation. Today anyone can buy a domain name setup a hosting account slap together a word-Press website, add a theme, write some content and then plaster Adsense and affiliate links through-out their website.

49% of the top 100 blogs on the net are powered by the open source WordPress frame-work. This is an increase from 32% only three years ago.

There are hundreds of videos, training programs, and websites teaching people how to setup WordPress based sites. With this ease of access comes competition, and hoards of competition there is.

Domain buying frenzy.

The best way to explain the domain frenzy is the fact that they are pretty much all gone. They have all been bought up. Well at least the .com versions. Its so easy to buy domain names that anyone with a godaddy account and a whim can register a domain name in a couple of minutes. There are entire online businesses that revolve around buying, selling, and holding domain names. “This is partly due to the way Google’s algorithm works, or use to work, which I will get to in a minute”

The fact is just about every 1 word and 2 word combination domain name has been registered. As niche website creators we were taught to find key-words that received Google organic traffic, buy the exact match domain name, then build a Word-Press website around that. Voila insta niche site!

Well, that’s not so easy to do anymore. Just imagine 100,000 people narrowing down topics and setting up niche websites every week for the last 5 years. That’s where we are now.

The blog revolution

If lack of domain availability and niche competition isn’t enough, enter the blog revolution. Having your own blog is about as common as owning a cell-phone these days, even 9 year old’s are blogging and going viral.

There is so much interest in blogging today that the term blogging no longer means blogging. Originally blogging was nothing more then an online journal. Today a blog is a topic targeted website with an ongoing stream of content. A few people made some good money by monetizing their blogs, now everybody wants blogging financial freedom.

Google’s Algorithm updates.

Life just got a lot harder for internet marketers, SEO professionals and do it yourself web-masters. Through the month of April 2012 Google changed the game. Everything including content freshness, duplicate content, Bad grammar, key word stuffing, over-optimization, paid back-links, and lack of social media presence can negatively effect your organic Search rankings.

The days of grabbing an exact match domain then putting up a website with 10 pages of fluff content written by non native speakers, then ranking on Google page one for your domain name key-words are over. That’s right, you actually have to work hard and put out quality for your rankings.

Outsourcing mania.

Almost every successful blog owner these days is outsourcing something. Outsourcing resources like Fiverr, Odesk, Elance, and freelancer make it easy for anyone to take advantage of outsourcing. In fact if you don’t utilize outsourcing in one form or the other you are at a big disadvantage because your competitor is doing it. And for as low as 1-2 bucks an hour you can’t blame them. The part-time one man show simply can not keep up with the web-maintenance, article writing, graphics creation, video creation, pod-casting, social media, and Back-linking necessary for today’s blogs.


Every blog, niche website and authority website compete for the same Google organic traffic. Creating a successful blog or niche site is getting harder by the day. With all the growing internet noise, peoples attention spans are miniscule.

The bad news is, is that the majority of new blogs and niche sites will never make much money and get lost in the crowd.

The Good news is, is that the majority of new blogs and niche sites will never make much money, which leaves greater opportunity for the few sites that rise up and go above and beyond.

If you are new to creating a blog or passive income site, it is important to get started off on the right foot, then utilize all available tools. I recommend you thoroughly read our free ZZZProtits course, it will greatly help with the learning curve as well as cover the most important elements. Also join our forum and chat with like minded people and learn from all our mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself.




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