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77 Ways to Make Money Online

The following list of 77 ways to make money online is in no specific order. It is divided into several general categories for easier browsing.

If your thinking about getting into the making money online club this extensive list should get those brain juices flowing.

Website Flipping

  1. Build something new or creative, get some momentum, and then sell it on Flippa.com
  2. Create a niche website template, write 20 articles on the topic, and sell 10 copies in a forum
  3. Get your startup bought out by Google for $100 million
  4. Help other people do the above – broker websites for a commission, just like a real estate agent
  5. Buying and selling domain names, there is an entire market at DNForum.com
  6. Look at what sold on Flippa.com and build a clone of this

Website Ownership

  1. Build a niche site on your favorite topic and promote affiliate products and/or PPC Ads
  2. Start a forum on your favorite topic and sell advertising
  3. Start a forum on your favorite topic and sell premium memberships
  4. Build a review site in a specific niche, something that reviews products with affiliate links
  5. Create a network of 100 simple AdSense sites that each generate $2/day

Email Lists

  1. Create a weekly newsletter on your favorite topic and charge a monthly subscription fee
  2. Create a weekly newsletter on your favorite topic and give it away with advertisements
  3. Give away a free report after capturing emails, then promote affiliate products every month
  4. Create a newsletter for your area and get local businesses to sponsor it
  5. Build a list that sends a daily coupon/deal, charge companies to advertise their coupon


  1. Become an ad broker, helping to connect advertisers with publishers for a commission
  2. Buy PPC ads on a cheaper network and direct them to a page with higher-value clicks (AdSense)
  3. Buy traffic from AdWords and send visitors directly to a ClickBank Affiliate product.
  4. Become a specialist in traffic building, helping clients get more visitors
  5. Start a link building/SEO business, helping website increase their ranks in the search engines
  6. Build a private job board where you individually connect job seekers with employers

Social Media

  1. Build a Facebook application like Farmville or Mafia Wars
  2. Create something that interacts with Twitter in a cool way
  3. Use Facebook and Twitter to build a large following, then sell them something
  4. Join a MLM company and promote this to the following you created above

Coding & Development

  1. Become a freelance web designer and enter contests on 99Designs.com
  2. Become a freelance designer or developer and offer your services on Odesk.com
  3. Become a coding ninja and contract your services to high-value clients for $100/hour
  4. Build a business around designing something other than websites: logos, banner ads, etc.
  5. Create premium WordPress templates and setup a website to sell them
  6. Create free WordPress templates and sell links in the footer (somewhat shady)
  7. Create website templates and setup a website to sell them
  8. Hire a team of Indians/Filipinos to do web work and resell this for a 5x markup
  9. Create a traditional downloadable computer program/game and sell this


  1. Buy things at local garage sales and sell them on eBay
  2. Dig through your basement to find items you can sell on eBay
  3. Help your friends/family/neighbors sell things on eBay for a fee
  4. Start an e-commerce website and sell things that you make yourself
  5. Start an e-commerce website and sell items via drop shipping


  1. Learn how to build mobile-based websites and offer this service to website owners
  2. Create popular iPhone and Android apps, or hire a developer to do this for you
  3. Create simple iPhone apps for a specific group of customers (i.e. real estate agents)


  1. Create a bundle of simple web-based games and sell copies to websites owners who want to display these games on their websites
  2. Create a viral online game, make a free ad-supported version and a more in-depth paid downloadable version
  3. Make an iPhone or android version of the above viral game
  4. Build an MMORPG game and charge a monthly fee to play online

Creative Talent

  1. Record an album and sell it online
  2. Make paintings and sell them on eBay
  3. Become a YouTube sensation and use this to sell advertising in your videos and/or products
  4. Take stock photos and upload them to photo directories which pay you per download

Blogging / Writing

  1. Write articles for other websites at $10-20 a pop
  2. Write an eBook on a topic that you know well and sell this through ClickBank
  3. Start a quality blog on your favorite topic, build a reader base, and sell advertising
  4. Start a quality blog on your favorite topic and offer a paid members-only area
  5. Build a high-traffic blog and use your new authority to book speaking engagements
  6. Gather tips from notable figures in a specific industry, package these “words of wisdom” as an e-book and sell it
  7. Start a blog and review other sites for a fee, using something like PayPerPost
  8. Develop a modern news site: find a way to organize and “curate” all the content that already exists in a way that is relevant to each user
  9. Get paid to post in forums, people will hire you for $0.xx per post you make
  10. Create a group blog, allowing other authors to submit content – making your blog 10x bigger

Time Wasters

  1. Take surveys (but good luck with this)
  2. Sign up for one of those get paid to surf programs
  3. Become a part-time virtual assistant, helping clients with misc. tasks from home
  4. Enter contests
  5. Get hired to submit articles to articles directories for other sites
  6. Get hired to submit social bookmarks for other sites

Never Do These

Doing these ideas will get you either banned, blacklisted, or prosecuted, so I don’t suggest them:

  1. Create a link-farm and charge others for a link
  2. Buy a list of random email addresses and send them affiliate products
  3. Help others write essays for school, seriously, how could you sleep at nights?
  4. Start an internet gambling site, or a site that refers people to a gambling site
  5. Create a ponzi-scheme where subscribers pay you $10 for an account, which allows them to earn $8 for everyone they refer. Each of the referrals pay $5 and you keep $1.


  1. Organize a group of like-minded people (i.e. a union) and charge them an annual fee to join
  2. Trade stocks or forex online
  3. Help people install things: offer to setup scripts or server applications for a fee
  4. Start a web hosting company – buy a hosting reseller plan and mark up your prices 500%
  5. Find large, but struggling, websites and offer to help turn the site around for 50% ownership

If i missed any Good ways to make online income please add it in the comments below.

Image Credit: marie-ll on Flickr

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  1. Ryan Spencer



    These are some really effective ways to make money. The best way is to focus on one, buckle down and not get caught by the “shiny object syndrome”. Running around all scatter brained like I have in the past does not help you make money at all.

  2. Moe



    Hey Ryan! Yes shiny object syndrome is a problem for me too. There are so many ways to make money online that its easy to get side tracked when the results don’t happen immediately.

    Oh and how about a guest post on Marketing with Pinterest?

  3. Daniel Ambrose



    As someone whom has been marketing online for nearly 3 years I would have to agree with Ryan & Moe, it’s so important to focus on one program. Experience says that most programs online are a waste of time and money, if your looking for immediate results.

    I have been fortunate to find some very good programs for making money as an affiliate, but the true benefit is when you see quick results to your efforts. My favorite program is at danielscreativeincomesite but I think everyone would benefit from the above advice ” The best way is to focus on one, buckle down.

    Until next time…

  4. J. Moore



    Hey Moe,

    We just started our own journey down this path as well and I found you through Twitter where you added me first.

    Firstly, thanks for that!

    Secondly, this was the first article that grabbed my attention and I wanted to say it looks real good. Echoing what Ryan said, a lot of people when they’re first starting have the shiny object syndrome and a tad bit of that may be ok while you’re trying to “find your voice” or rather, until you find “what works”. From there, we should focus on what works and figure out how to optimize this.

    Just wanted to say this is a GREAT list & #68-72 was one of those very nice “above & beyond” touches!

    Have a great one!

    • Moe



      Thanks! and yes shiny object syndrome is one of those sneaky little things you dont even realize is happening, hehe. I fight it everyday

  5. Oliver




    What an excellent post. This is a great resource for anyone who is looking to make some money online. Many of the suggestions look like they would be perfect for newbies.

    I actually saw quite a few suggestions that I have never even though, nor would I probably have ever thought of. Great resource.


    • Moe



      Thanks Oliver. I checked out your website also. Looks like you have a lot o knowledge to share. I would love it if you stopped by our forum and shared some of your insight with our members

  6. Rakean



    Hi Moe,
    You have a great site, I run a new site to help noobs make money online in my country, and you are one of my inspirations. with many spamblog fall in SERP’s lately, Google provide convenience to quality sites to come forward. Some skill or hobby, can earn much money, if it worked with passion and focus. I am a father, part time blogger and business owner, but not a surfer. Maybe you could contact me if you want to come to Bali to surf.

    • Moe



      Thanks Rakean. Good luck on your internet marketing in Indo. I will keep you in mind if ever i go back to Bali. I was there a long time ago.

  7. Robert



    There are some great ideas here for sure. I think it is also important that only one or two methods are attempted at any one time so that they are mastered. Taking on too much too soon can lead to frustration, overwhelm and lack of action.

    Great stuff though!

  8. Mikka



    Excellent post and lots of great ways to make money I didn’t thought about…

    As said above, I think the most important thing is to focus on one strategy or method at a time until it brings results before going on to the next one!

    And of course to have the right mindset. Are you online to make some money or to build a business?
    Because it’s not at all the same thing….

    Thanx again for all this ideas!

  9. Matthew



    There are dozens of money making sites, but choose the way you want to earn online. It gives you immense freedom and happiness. So be smart, use tricks and earn the maximum.

  10. Kathy



    I was looking for some online money making ideas and found your site. I never knew there are so many ways of making money. Compiling everything in this way is not an easy thing. You have done a great job.

  11. Charles



    Cant think of adding anything new. You have covered everything that I know of. I have tried the coding and development option and have got good response. There is a huge market out here which can be tapped.

  12. Anup Kayastha



    Wow Moe, I like the way how you systematically posted great tips to make money online! Thank you for this post!

    Aditionally, I would suggest people using Fiverr as they can use their any skill and earn money through it. It’s good platform to earn easy money when used correctly.

    Thanks for another awesome post, Moe :)

  13. Ivan



    hi Moe and everybody, I am absoultly new to this but I really like the ideeas posted above, I just uploaded the book and I am folowing the instructions, but I would like to ask you , how it will work for me this business me being in Eastern Europe ?
    Thank You

    • Moe



      The great thing about internet marketing is it doesn’t matter where you are. If you can pick a good topic, create good content, and process sales using something like Paypal you are on equal playing ground.

  14. Retire At 30



    This is good post, short and to the point. I even like they way you put, what not to do on your post. Keep up the great work

  15. Excellent post and great ways to make money
    thank you for sharing these tips

  16. kevin



    Wow yes this definitely useful information here Moe. It is particularly great how you mentioned that those surveys and other ridiculous paid to surf sites and all that other crap is useless. Paid to surf sites crack me up, give you like 5 cents for one page, LOL

  17. Robert Robinson



    This is pretty cool. I’m adding this to my bookmarks since they provide a variety of answers.

    Thanks for your contribution Moe!!!

  18. Robert Brown



    There is nothing like building an email list in my opinion as you control your own destiny when you ahve a highly targeted and responsive list of subscribers that hang on your every word. Doesn’t matter what Google or Facebook do when you have your own list. There are more tips on how to build your list the right way here therealrobertbrown.com

  19. Howey



    WoW! lots of great ideas. Another one you might want to consider is an info product developed around a passion or hobby that you love, then market it to people with the same interest

  20. Jessie D.



    Are some or all of these ideas in your ebook? A few of them popped out to me, and I would be interested in more info on several of your tips. Thanks!

  21. Elvis Michael



    Thanks for the article, admin. 77 Ways to make money is a HUGE list, and needless to say, very helpful.
    There are clearly so many ways to make money online. It’s all about choosing the method that works for you. To make some decent money — even just a dollar — one has to look at the internet in unusual ways. One cannot think of the Web as a place for entertainment, a source to use when you’re bored or some temporary time killer.

    Instead, you have to look at the Web from the eyes of an entrepreneur. Once you put yourself in a business mentality, you will suddenly be exposed to so many income opportunities that were right before your eyes all along.

    Think about advertisements, for example: The average person hates them and we see them everyday and everywhere. But why are they always around? The answer is simple: Because they work. So instead of being a typical advertisement-hater, why not join the club? Once you start advertising, however, ensure that you create the most relevant ad campaign so that people end up loving you– not hating you.

    Personally, I make most of my money through Amazon by writing Kindle ebooks, and so far I have been very successful with it. Granted, the Kindle as a “device” does not exactly fit into making money “directly” on the Web. But again, I NEED the Web to publish my ebooks– and therefore, I make money through the internet, or with its help, at the very least.

    Anyway, thanks for a great article, and I hope this post helps and motivates people.

  22. Trung Nguyen



    Hey Moe, I see what an awesome list of ways to making money online here. I found that there are many new ways to me, and for sure, I’ll make a try to do some of them.

    Thanks a lot for giving me new ideas to make money online.

    Trung Nguyen

  23. Jessie D.



    Hi Moe,

    I have a great “Web for Dummies” question…how does everyone else get a picture and website to go with their name when they reply? I don’t see either when I replied earlier. Thanks!

    Or anyone else who may know :)

    • Jessie D.



      Weird, now I see one on this reply….weird…ah well :P

  24. Jim



    Another great way to make money online is to take paid surveys.There are a lot of companies that pay you to share your opinion.You simply answer questions about their products and services, and they pay you.A lot of people think that all paid surveys are scams.Actually that is not right.If you want to find quality and legitimate survey sites and start making money today, follow my tips.1)Join ONLY legitimate and free survey sites.You can find them on Google, but DON’T type broad keywords like “surveys”, or “paid surveys”.Instead, try something more specific, like “paid surveys with free registration” or “how to find legitimate surveys for money”.That way you will find better results.2)NEVER share your credit card information or your SSN.3)Try to find more information about the survey companies you plan to join by typing “YourSurveyCompanyName” + scams, forums, review.That way you will find more information about every site, you are interested in.4)Join several free survey companies.That way you will make more money.Hope that helps.

  25. incomesurfer36



    wow that is a huge list thanks for sharing…

  26. Jovanni G



    This list is great and spot on. Numbers 52-61 are my specialty. I’m currently working on a clickbank product, but I don’t think I will sell it. Just to grow my list. After that then the sky is the limit.

  27. Keyona



    great ideas I need to get started on some of these asap!

  28. Mastermind



    Seventy Seven Ways, I wonder how many people that commented here found one?

    • Moe



      All it takes is just one

  29. Lupe Estrada



    Excellent advice on a few of the many ways to earn a living on the web.Multiple income streams is always key so using more than one method is highly recommended.

  30. Ian Lian



    No new posts now? Just wanna see more useful information here

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