3 Quick Ways to Spot Make Money Online Scams

Welcome to the world of internet marketing and making money online! The land where millionaires are made over night with the push of a button & magic systems that require no work, skill, or intelligence give you the secret to making thousands every day.

Of-course your not allowed to find out what the secret is until you cough up some BS one time discounted price.

But don’t worry, we know that these amazing mystery money making programs work because of-course they say they do. If you still dont believe it after the bold red titles, yellow highlighted text, and bullet points; then enter the testimonials. Ready for endless pictures and videos with personalized endorsements? because we all know everyone sends in their pictures with a testimonial hoping to get on the cover of some cheesy sales page.

To this day it blows me away how many cheesy money making scams are out there. I see them all over the internet, and I think to myself, are people really that stupid to fall for this? Apparently they are. Why else would they keep pumping them out?

The bottom line is over 95% of the Make money online opportunities are crap. Plain and simple. Protect yourself and learn these 3 easy rules of internet marketing Scam detection.

How to spot an internet Scam

Rule number 1.
If a company or website is trying to sell you something without telling you what it is, then it is a scam; bottom line. I don’t care what anyone says, if you have to buy a product to find out what it is, it’s a bullshit SCAM!

Read that last paragraph again. If you just follow Rule number 1 you have already cut out a huge % of internet marketing scams.

Rule number 2.
If the main focus of the opportunity is signing people up, its always a Scam. Especially if there is no actual product. They may say something like “all you have to do is get 3 people in your downline, and then they get 3 people in, then when your 4-5 levels deep the process just takes on a life of its own. Now you can just sit back and let the checks roll-in.

Usually this also includes some ridiculously complex compensation program that supposedly pays out in multiple ways. Sometimes this will include some vague useless over-priced product or service that you have to pay for every month.

This is a classic pyramid scheme setup, that is very commonly associated with multi-level or network marketing.

Rule number 3.
If you cant find any solid information about a company, it’s probably because there isn’t anything good to say about it or it doesn’t exist in the first place. This is an easy one. Just use Google and type the name of the company or opportunity + scam, fraud or ripoff.

The rule of thumb is if you can not find anything online about a company, stay the hell away from it. No matter how good the opportunity, sounds, how real the screen-shots look, or how great the video testimonials seem, just WALK. Definitely don’t give them your credit card number.

Memorize these 3 rules, if an opportunity falls in any one or all of these categories there is a 99% chance its a scam.

If you can think of any other make money online scams warning signs, please add them in the comments below or visit our forum and lets us know.
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  1. darlon



    i need some ideas on how to make money in a third world cpontry.

    • Moe



      If your in a third world country try online VA work. Even if you have not skills people will pay to do tedious tasks. or go to fiverr and come up with something creative.

  2. Jasmine



    I think you said it perfectly: if they’re promising to make you a millionaire overnight with the push of a button, or if they’re promising success with no work, it’s definitely a scam!

  3. Jim



    Wish I would have found this site sooner this would have saved a lot of time. I did end up buting into one of the scam programs but luckily I was able to indentify the pyamid aspect with in the first 5mins just wish I had’nt spent the 97 dollars to do it

  4. hennyvasaya



    if i believe what you have said then 90 out of 100 products are scams.

    • Moe



      Yep, that sound about right. Or to put into nicer words. 90 out of 100 products are next to impossible to make money with.

  5. Tim



    “Just use Google and type the name of the company or opportunity + scam, fraud or ripoff.”

    This used to be good advice, but nowadays affiliates for scam products use those very words as keywords in writing their reviews, in which of course they give a glowing endorsement of the product. So it’s very hard to find honest reviews.

    • Moe



      Yes that is very true. It is getting harder and harder to find legit reviews online. That goes for everything. Even the top forums are loaded with bogus users and reviews. There are still signs you can look for but for the average user it is very mis-leading.

  6. scott



    This article hits home in sooo many ways.I have spent the past 2 years losing my a$$ on all the crap that is out there.The big thing now is squeeze pages that won’t let you see whats on a website until you give them your email and name so they can hound the sheet ( trying to stay G-rated)out of you bombarding your inbox.I don’t have a problem with email marketing but when I get 25 emails in a weeks time promoting 25 different products it becomes B.S.Also just so you can let your other readers know the big thing now is sending an email that is nothing more than a squeeze page to get their information.If you click on a hyperlink and it goes straight to a squeeze page it is usually B.S.

  7. Ding Yang



    Absolutely agreed.

    If you can not find some real information of the seller of product or service,it must be scams.I had run into some scams.They just say how much money you could earn to use their system.They said tons of cash is just a click away.The truth is not like this.After you buy,you will see their so called product is just a simple website.Your money making method is trying to sell this simple website to other people.It is more like a pyramid scheme.While you can not see before you buy.

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